Are you prepared for a Port State Control Inspection?

PSC officers always commence their inspection in the Master’s office. It is essential that certification is up to date, original and valid. All other necessary documents and manuals should, where required, be approved and onboard.

If equipment is broken or missing, or the ship has suffered damage en-route, the Master must notify the port authorities prior to port entry. If the port authorities are informed of the problem and of any permanent or temporary remedies agreed with the flag State, the vessel should not be detained. However, if notice is not given before entry, the Port State has clear grounds for inspection, possibly leading to a detention.

If your ship is detained, or appears to be in the process of being detained, you should contact your nearest Class office immediately for assistance.

The major PSC organisations publish their criteria for targeting a ship on their web sites. Ship owners and operators should use these criteria to calculate the target rating of their ships.

Paris MOU – www.parismou.org
Tokyo MOU – www.tokyo-mou.org
USCG – http://homeport.uscg.mil/mycg/portal/ep/home.do
Other MOUs include Abuja, Black Sea, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Riyadh and Vina del Mar.

A ship operator may disagree with the findings of the PSC Authority and the majority of the regional PSC organisations have guidelines on how to appeal against a detention. These can also be found on the above web sites.

IMO Procedures for Port State Control, Appendix 1 also provides guidelines on detentions [ISBN: 92-801-5099-5].

Source: UK P&I Club

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