Application of IMO requirements to FSRUs/FRUs operating in Indian waters

FSRU_at_jetty and shuttle tanker hoegh lng(1)

Lloyd’s Register has issued a Statutory Alert on Order No.8 of 2014 published by the Indian Government to notify of the application of IMO Safety, Security and Environmnetal protection requirements to FSRUs/FRUs operating in Indian waters.

The Order applies to units under the Indian flag and all others foreign units operating in waters within the jurisdiction of India (which include territorial waters and the Exclusive Economic Zone).It addresses requirements for both disconnectable and non-disconnectable units (those designed to be permanently moored on location and without mechanical means of propulsion).It is important to note that India requires units in its waters to be flagged and classed.


Floating storage & re-gasification units (FSRUs) and other re-gasification units of liquefied gases (Units) are specialised vessels used in the storage, re-gasificaion and transfer of gases listed in the International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk, as amended (IGC Code) whilst at a fixed location. These include the following:

  • FSRU (Floating, Storage and Re-gasification Units)
  • FRU (Floating Re-gasification Units)
  • FSU (Floating Storage Units) or
  • Any combination and variation of the above dealing with liquefied gases

Source: Lloyd’s Register

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