Stena Line equips four more vessels with NAPA software

NAPA announced that Stena Line will install its software onboard four further vessels.


Two ferries, the Stena Britannica and Stena Hollandica, and two freight vessels, the Stena Transit and Stena Transporter, will use NAPA software to monitor fuel consumption, speed, departure status and loading data, which can be transmitted from ship to shore in real time and analysed in a database ashore.

Stena Line’s Energy Saving Programme (ESP) has been running since 2005. The company began installing NAPA for Operations software on vessels in 2007 when it became difficult to improve running conditions further without clearly and consistently monitoring the results of efficiency measures. Since the beginning of the project, Stena Line has implemented comprehensive shore-based monitoring of the eco efficiency of 22 ships and Stena’s total ESP program has recorded $9million in verified fuel savings.

The extension of this joint monitoring, verification and reporting project comes swiftly after NAPA and Stena Line were awarded the SHIPPINGInsight Award 2014 for achievements in fleet optimisation and ship operating efficiency.

Johan Nyström, Vice President, Sales, EMEA & Americas, NAPA commented:

Working with Stena Line to improve the efficiency of their fleet over the past seven years has been a fantastic project to be part of and we’re excited to continue to expand the remit of the work. At NAPA we understand that ship operators are under increasing public, regulatory and financial pressure to control their fuel costs and boost environmental credentials. We also know that the first step to really effective fuel saving programmes is a clear baseline against which to measure any future savings achieved by efficiency initiatives.

Determining a testing process to verify results on a small scale before rolling the programme out has enabled Stena Line to invest only in proven solutions that work on its specific vessels and routes. The approach Stena Line has taken to their whole ESP has saved them over $9 million so far, with more savings to come as more ships are brought into the project.

Lars-Erik Hellring, Energy Saving Programme Project Manager, Stena Line Scandinavia commented:

Stena Line’s Energy Saving Programme has enacted more than 200 energy reduction initiatives since 2005. As time goes on and we aim to extend existing gains even further, the initiatives designed to reduce fuel volume become increasingly challenging to measure accurately. Without clear and accurate evidence of success, which is what NAPA’s software delivers, it would be difficult to design an effective fuel consumption reduction programme, especially in an industry when savings as small at 0.5% can mean a significant cost saving.

NAPA’s real time monitoring and reporting system enables crews onboard and shore-based personnel to work more closely together to achieve efficiency. Each team is equipped with tablets to allow officers to follow fuel consumption figures in real time, displaying the current fuel consumption per nautical mile – something really easy to understand and therefore easy to act upon.

Source and Image Credit: NAPA

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