ClassNK develops new ship paint to reduce fuel consumption

ClassNK is working on a project to develop a low-friction paint designed by tune skin which may reduce ship’s fuel consumption by 7%

During a shipping conference in China this week,  solutions considered for energy efficiency. Among the more inventive ideas is the paint inspired by tuna skin that ClassNK in collaboration with Nippon Paint Holdings Co. will develop. The membrane will be able to attract water into its microscopic indents, making it extremely slipper. Infused with hydro-gel, the paint can reduce as ship’s fuel consumption by approx 6-7 per cent.

ClassNK develops new ship paint to reduce fuel consumption

Britain’s Lloyd’s Register, is looking to fit a ship’s hull with fans that blow a layer of bubbles to the vessel’s bottom, helping it glide more easily through the water, thereby burning less fuel. Nippon Yusen Kaisha already operates vessels that have a similar air-lubrication system, which it says could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent.

Also, other innovative ideas discussed such as the use of 3D printing for making parts which can cut the use of raw materials and allow cheaper localized manufacturing. Danish shipper Maersk Line has already invested in one such project.

Source: Green4Sea

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