e-NPs are official ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications


e-NPs are official ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications in a convenient electronic format. Easy to use and update, they bring improved efficiency, accuracy and access to information bridge crews need.

  • Offering:
    Weekly Notices to Mariners added in seconds.
    Easier access to information the mariner needs.
    Same familiar look as all ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications.
    Approved for use by the Flag States of over three quarters of ships trading internationally.

Why e-Nautical Publications

e-NPs are designed to meet SOLAS carriage requirements, contain the same information as their paper equivalents and are approved for use by the Flag States of over three quarters of ships trading internationally. Unlike their paper counterparts, each e-NP allows bridge officers to take advantage of accurate electronic updating and quick information access through simple search functionality. Additionally, the new e-Reader snapshot function allows crews to view, save and print e-NP pages and any applicable NMs and addendums, which can be used to support passage planning.

86 of the world’s leading Nautical Publications will be available in an e-NP format in February 2015. They include:

  • Mariners Handbook (NP100)
  • Ocean passages for the world (NP136)*
  • Symbols and abbreviations used on ADMIRALTY charts (NP5011)*
  • ILALA Maritime Buoyage System (NP735)*
  • Annual summary ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners*
  • Cumulative list of ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners*
  • Sailing Directions
  • Nautical Almanac (NP314)
  • Guide to the practical use of ENCs (NP231)*
  • Guide to ENC symbols used in ECDIS (NP5012)*
  • Guide to ECDIS Implementation, Policy and Procedures (NP232)*
  • How to keep your ADMIRALTY products up-to-date (NP294)*

(*available from February)

To find out more information about each of the e-NPs listed above, please download the FactSheet or contact your ADMIRALTY chart agent. You can also find out which Flag States approve e-NPs by visiting the UKHO website.

> Talk to an ADMIRALTY chart agent
> Download an e-NP FactSheet
> Find out which Flag States approve the use of e-NPs

Source: Admiralty

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