CMA CGM signs two major agreements with China

financing framework agreement with CEXIM and strategic partnership with CMHI


During the Chinese Prime Minister Mr Li Keqiang’s official visit at its headquarter on July 1st, the CMA CGM Group announced that two major economic partnerships : a financing framework agreement with the Chinese bank CEXIM and a strategic partnership with China Merchants (CMHI) on the “One Belt, One Road” project initiated by the Chinese government.

CMA CGM and the Export-Import Bank of China (CEXIM) will sign a framework agreement on financing solutions for a total of up to USD 1 billion in the form of loans and/or export credit insurance. Those solutions would be available for the future vessels and containers the group may order in China. Those investments are essential to accompany the CMA CGM Group’s development strategy.

“One Belt, One Road” project

The « One Belt, One Road » project is a high profile strategy initiated by the Chinese government to develop many infrastructure and ports-related logistics projects. CMA CGM and China Merchants (CMHI) will agree on a common and primary interest.They will sign a strategic partnership on July 1st to investigate and evaluate together, as their priority, the investment opportunities. Those opportunities will be part of the maritime dimension of the “One Belt, One Road Project”: the “Maritime Silk Road”.« One Belt, One Road » , initiated by the Chinese Government and its President,  aims to:

  • Create a land axis between China and Europe via Russia
  • Create a 21st century silk road that will link South East Asia to Oceania, East Africa, North Africa and Europe by the sea, in order to secure imports and exports to and from China.

Source & Image Credit:  CMA CGM Group

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