World’s largest ore cargo ship arrives in Qingdao Port, China

The world’s largest iron ore cargo ship has arrived in east China’s Qingdao Port. The vessel is one of four large iron ore cargo ships that the China Mining Transportation Corporation has taken control over from the world’s largest iron ore producer, Vale SA, which is based in Brazil.

A 400,000-ton ore carrier on Friday berthed at a port in Qingdao, east China’s Shandong Province.

The 360-meter-long and 65-meter-wide vessel Yuan Zhuo Hai is considered one of the world’s largest bulk cargo carriers.

The whole process took four hours and six tugboats were used to assist the operation, said An Yong, person in charge of the operation from Dongjiakou Ore Wharf Co., Ltd.

“This is the first time for us to handle such a big ship which is 360 meters long and 65 meters wide and with a carrying capacity of 350,000 tons. This is the largest ship that berths at the Dongjiakou Port, so our company has made full preparations. We have deployed one tugboat with 8,000 horsepower, two tugboats with 7,000 horsepower and three tugboats with 5,000 horsepower to conduct this operation. Two of the tugboats were in charge of escort, the other four provided assistance to berthing. We have made corresponding preparations according to the weather condition and prepared these six tugboats three days before,” said An.

The vessel was built by China Huarong Energy Company Limited. And was delivered in June 2014.


Source: CCTV

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