Infographic: Paris MoU Region 2014

2014 Annual Report on PSC – ‘Adjusting Course’

Refusal of access (banning) has been used 63 times since 2012 in the Paris MoU region. Most cases involved ships which have been banned for multiple detentions (46), while a significant number (13) were banned for failing to call at an indicated repair yard.

The remaining 4 cases involved ships which “jumped the detention”, by sailing without authorization. Over a 3 year period the flags of the United Republic of Tanzania, the Republic of Moldova, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Togo have recorded the highest number of bannings.

Four ships have been banned for a second time already. The m/v MANSOUR M (Moldova), m/v CAROLYN (Tanzania), m/v MAXAL GITA (Belize) and m/v RENI (Ukraine). Further information may be found at the  Paris MoU Annual PSC Report

Please click on the image below to view the Infographic for the Paris MoU region during 2014:


Source:  Paris MoU

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