Safety Management Code For Domestic Passenger Ships

UK MCA issues note on how to comply with the Audit and Self-Assessment requirements


The UK Maritime Coastguard and Agency (MCA) has issued Marine Guidance Note to provide guidance to owners/ operators of Domestic Passenger Ships on how to comply with the Audit and Self- Assessment requirements of the Safety Management Code.

Whilst the Code itself remains substantially unchanged the frequency of the audits are very different and are intended to more closely follow the ISM format, but applied in a more pragmatic way.

Key points:

  • There is a requirement for the MCA to carry out a company or office audit and that some preparation work is required for the same.
  • The On board Audits, whilst less frequent, shall also be pre-planned and operators will be required to demonstrate compliance with the code including emergency preparedness.
  • There is a requirement for Companies to carry out Self-Assessments to review their own systems.
  • This Guidance also takes the opportunity to explain how companies should undertake the annual Self-Assessment and a review of the safety management system at intervals not exceeding three years

Further details may be found by reading the note:




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