GNS launches service to help Chinese crews


Global Navigation Solutions (‘GNS’) has announced the launch of ”Hang Xing Zhe”, a world-leading chart updating service with software written in Simplified Chinese, specifically designed for the Chinese market.

This new service will help vessels with Chinese-speaking crews to reduce navigation-related deficiencies and fines, which was yet again the top category for shortcomings in the 2014 Annual Report from the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control.

Hang Xing Zhe provides Chinese Maritime Safety Administration and Naval Guarantee Department Notice to Mariners (‘NtMs’), as well as NtMs from Hong Kong, British Admiralty as well as updates for many other national chart series.

The easy-to-use software interface, is written in Simplified Chinese and requires minimal training for bridge crews. It clearly identifies charts and publications requiring updates or replacement, thereby abolishing the need to spend time searching through the weekly NtMs.

Hang Xing Zhe also incorporates a compliance log which enables crews to visibly demonstrate the vessel’s compliance with SOLAS V – particularly useful when inspected by non-Chinese-speaking international port state control inspectors.

Hang Xing Zhe enables shipping companies to customise the updates each vessel receives to match routes and areas of operation. For example a vessel operating on trans-pacific routes and carrying some US charts onboard may need US, Chinese and BA NtMs whereas a vessel sailing between China and Europe can purchase Chinese and BA updates only making it highly cost effective and flexible for shipping companies requiring a simple solution that is easy to install and use.

Fact Sheet - ENGLISH
Fact Sheet – ENGLISH

Source: Global Navigation Solutions

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