Bureau Veritas publishes LNG bunkering tanker requirements


Bureau Veritas (BV) has published requirements for a new LNG bunkering notation, for small tankers capable of ship-to-ship transfer of LNG for fuel.

“Establishing a secure and safe LNG bunkering chain is the key to a swift uptake of LNG fuel across shipping,” said Jean-Francois Segretain, BV Marine & Offshore Division technical director. “We believe that small-scale LNG bunker vessels will play a key role in developing that chain.

The requirements, set out in Rule Note NR 620 LNG Bunkering Ship, cover the design and installation of the LNG transfer systems from the bunkering ship to the receiving ship, as well as the vapour transfer system from the receiving ship to bunkering ship, including LNG hoses, transfer arms and auxiliary systems for handling the LNG system.

BV also sets out further requirements for the design and installation of equipment intended for boil-off gas management on the bunkering ship and the design and installation of the gas piping system of the bunkering ship, with a separate section on safety arrangements.

“These rules help ensure safe development of this new type of ships,” said Segretain. “Of the fifteen or so small-scale LNG ships ordered so far ten are to BV class so we are driving this sector forward.”

Source: Seatrade Maritime

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