Cyber Security

AMMITEC publishes Cyber Security Awareness guidelines

The Greece-based association AMMITEC (Association of Maritime Managers in Information Technology and Communications) has announced the publication of its ‘Maritime Cyber Security Awareness’ guidelines which provide general information and knowledge on cyber security to shipowners, operators and managers.

The document highlights the risk of electronic navigation and radar bridge systems to cyber attacks, and recommends how to improve email security and reduce the risks from removable media. The document also includes advice on protecting confidentiality in social engineering and media.

Specifically, when using social media, AMMITEC says that it is important to take into consideration the following:

  • Be careful when using social media
  • Carefully review and select privacy setting
  • Don’t make posts or comment that may be considered defamatory, obscene, libellous, threatening, harassing or embarrassing to others
  • Do not exchange or store work documents or messages
  • Do not discuss details of your work activities
  • Be cautious when downloading application from social networking sites

AMMITEC says that next step is to initiate a risk assessment on cyber security area, expose threats and vulnerabilities and finally enhance security and protection ashore and on board

Please click here to read AMMITEC Cyber Security Guidelines

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