Accidents Case of Study

Crew member injured during the launching of a tender boat


Transport Malta has issued safety investigation report occasioned by a serious injury to crew member during the launching of a tender boat.

The incident

Thomson Celebration had just arrived and dropped her anchors outside the port limits of Hvar, Croatia with 1236 passengers and 534 crew members on board. Prior to commencing the tender boat services, the crew had to remove the gripes from the boats.

The operation was initiated soon after the safety officer had completed his safety briefing. Three tender boats had already been launched. Six crew members were involved, i.e. the safety officer, the bosun and four ABs. At the time of the accident, the safety officer supervising the unlashing process was visually observing the crew members who were working on the boat deck. From his position, he was making sure that all unlashed wire ropes were clear before the tender boats were lowered away.

The accident happened when one of the ABs was unlashing the gripes on the tender boat As he was removing the forward
gripe wire rope, the pelican hook caught his finger as it swung open.


 Actions taken

The Company has ensured that safety briefings emphasise the importance of relieving the tension from the gripes before the safety ring on the pelican hook is released. Provisions have also been made to ensure that the safety officer physically checks all the wire ropes before authorising the release of the gripes.

The Risk Assessment document has been amended and ‘Injury during lashing/unlashing’ has been inserted as a newly identified hazard. To address the risk, seven risk control factors were identified:
1. Training
2. Familiarisation
3. Supervision
4. Review of launching instructions
5. Briefing before tendering
6. Full release of turnbuckle and showingto supervisor before release and
7. Use of appropriate PPE.

On the basis of the actions taken by the Company, no recommendations have been made.

Further details may be found by reading the report below


Source & Image credit: Transport Malta

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