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FLIR introduces multi-sensor maritime camera

FLIR Systems, Inc. announced the launch of the FLIR M500 multi-sensor maritime camera, that enables captains to detect targets more than 15 kilometres, enhancing safe navigation and collisions prevention.

The cooled midwave, thermal camera has the ability to detect very small temperature variations, offering greater detail and image clarity, allowing professional captains to identify targets and avoid hazards while underway.

FLIR cooled thermal technology and the M500’s 14X optical zoom lens also provides early detection of vessels. An integrated visible camera improves navigational awareness, allowing easy identification of vessels and landmarks in both daytime and lowlight conditions.

Equipped with active gyro-stabilisation for steady imagery in rough seas, the FLIR M500 also includes video tracking to monitor a selected moving or stationary target.

“Its cooled thermal camera and superior image quality enables professional captains to discern obstacles and navigation aids with much greater detail, providing them with improved situational awareness and safer navigation around the clock”, said Grégoire Outters, Vice President and General Manager of FLIR Maritime.

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